Should we really be using the Simcity BuildIt Hack Tool?

Should we really be using the Simcity BuildIt Hack Tool?

Should we really be using the Simcity BuildIt Hack Tool?


Well, the decision is totally up to you. We have no profit from it, we are doing all this totally for free. We just want to help people who love the game and who want to advance in the game faster than normally. You are earning the resources very slowly when not spending the real money which can be frustrated for some users. Some people are asking, is it moral to use this tool? Again, look at it from the other side. Is it moral to ask such enormous amount of money from the players just for some virtual resources? We have the same opinion on this, of course it isn’t! We want to give all players the same chance to enjoy the game, no matter from which kind of family you come from.


Simcity Buildit Hack ApkWell, but how exactly do I use this?


In case you are worried about the difficulty of its use, I have a good news for you! Using the online hack is as simple as counting up to three. After you click on the url with the generator, all you have to do is enter your Simcity BuildIt (Google Play/iOS) email address. Then, it’s time for the resources. You choose the desired amount of Simcash, Simoleons and Keys. If you want to generate the resources for your friends as well, just enter their username at the beginning. Finally, you can check some additional features, too. This is optional, but I highly recommend to use at least the anti-ban script with proxies. There’s nothing more which stops you to click the Hack button. You should see the resources in your account within 1 minute. In case of any problem, just send us an email. Enjoy 🙂